XL Nexus Travel was started 10 years ago with only 4 staff members. We have grown the business to a staff compliment of over 130 permanent employees. Being a 100% black owned company we understand that empowering other smaller black owned companies will allow them to grow both financially and also have a greater influence in their respective industry and in turn allows them to empower other smaller companies. We also outsource our events managements to small black owned companies.

We prescribe in utilising HDI service providers. Other service providers are used if there are no HDI companies that can provide us a particular service. Minimum BBBEE rating or better.

Our people are our biggest asset in our Company.  XL NEXUS TRAVEL has training sessions and workshops on a continuous basis and this allows each office to participate in skills development and skills transfer.

We monitor our usage of our HDI suppliers by means of MIS reporting. It can be seen that more than 25% of our turn over is dedicated to HDI owned companies.

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