Welcome to corporate travel #101,

where we bring a new revolutionary approach to business travel. Our experience in delivering travel services coupled with a thorough understanding of travel buyer trends and needs, we are able to tailor and blend a robust and unique service offering model to each of our clients…..no 1 size fits all approach here!

As a 100% HDI-owned level 1 BBEE rated and managed travel agency operating within one of the foremost travel management groups & consortiums in Southern Africa, we believe we have the necessary skills, expertise, approach, scalability and credibility to provide travel buyers with the required level of service they require from a travel management company.

We believe strongly on focusing our platforms and solutions on total cost of travel and on the areas where the larger percentage of your travel related purchasing is spent. Service fees and travel agent costs form 5-7% of your total travel. While we believe in competitiveness in service fees, we focus and work towards driving savings on the larger percentage of your travel spend. Makes sense, right?
How do we do this? Well we cant put it here…that’s a secret between you and us, contact us and we will be glad to inform and show you how.

For any travel service to be successful on all levels, your travel management company should provide:

  • Effective price/ product balance (cheapest is usually not the most cost effective)

  • Effective reservation service through advanced technology and modules

  • Quality Assurance and Fares Savings 

  • Scalability and flexibility in all areas of your travel program

  • Development and enforcement of your Travel Policy 

  • Innovative travel management, consulting and negotiation services

  • Flexible blended technology with support and access

  • Global 24 – Hour service 

  • Pro- active, relevant management reporting and intelligence – tailored to your needs 

  • Total transparency (eliminate commission conflict and hidden markups)

  • Value Added services

XL Nexus Travel is in no way shape or form associated with or affiliated to Nexus Business Club. Nexus Business Club are not members of ASATA.
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