XL Nexus Travel has invested in technology

to become the leading TMC of choice, with the launch of Nex-T, which is our technology offering has taken our current technology enablers as well as new technology enhancements and integrated this within our business to offer our clients unique travel solutions.
We do this by blending technology and innovation with the expertise and personal touch of service delivery to ensure we roll out a flexible and robust travel program for each of our clients.

Our modules and tools that can be incorporated into a travel technology focused service offering include:
  • Request | Quote | Approve | Expense separate or linked modules

  • Online booking tool interfaces

  • Mobile apps linked to tools or offline platforms

  • Traveler alert and duty of care interfaces

  • Push & pull notification and retrieval portals

  • Chatbots for a seamless flow of travel related services

  • Business intelligence tools

  • Document retrieval modules

  • API & inventory sourcing technology

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XL Nexus Travel is in no way shape or form associated with or affiliated to Nexus Business Club. Nexus Business Club are not members of ASATA.
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