Welcome to the Flexi-Fit program

A take it or leave it, 1 size fits all approach is not what we want or expect in any area of business and neither should travel buyers.
By blending human expertise and travel technology, we are able to deliver and implement a tailored and flexible travel program to each of our clients.

Technology is transforming the travel industry at a rapid pace. We are committed to ensuring our customers have the right solutions to help drive their business growth and financial success. XL Nexus Travel together with our Nex-T technology solution offers a consumer-grade technological experience that today’s business travelers expect, with new savings capabilities to significantly drive down program costs.

From strategic account management to self-serve booking tools, every one of our clients benefits from our extensive global buying power and supplier negotiations, intuitive and user-friendly travel technology and world-class customer service and local market expertise.

Two main issues face a travel buyer. The first is the management and control of travel expenditure and the second is the management of the travel process to ensure required service levels at an optimum cost-benefit ratio.

By offering and incorporating the below elements of business travel delivery services, our clients are covered and catered for in terms of a cutting-edge travel program:
  • World-wide airline reservations.

  • Airport Parking and Hotels.

  • Accommodation reservations

  • Car rental, chauffeur drive, transfers/shuttle, booking and payment of bus fares.

  • Rail.

  • Executive/VIP Travel.

  • Visa and Passport Services.

  • Groups and Incentive Travel.

  • Foreign Exchange and Travel Insurance.

  • Guaranteed lowest airfares through various inventory sourcing channels.

  • Delivery of tickets and related documents on a mutually agreed upon schedule.

  • Emergency 24 hour After-Hours service.

  • General administration: special assistance for excess baggage, special dietary requirements, ticket changes, travel insurance (including overseas medical insurance)

  • Training and assisting client personnel in making travel arrangements.

  • Accounting and finance related reconciliation, matching & batching

  • Online travel technology (link to nex-t page)

Your travel program today is not what it will be in 6 months due to changing market trends and travel buyer needs.
Our continued improvement plan involves:

  • Travel policy compliance and innovation aligned to market shifts and industry guidelines

  • Blended technology approach to suit the ever-changing travel buyer process

  • Enhancing supplier relationships and leveraging on growth to negotiate further discounts

  • Adding to our ever-growing inventory sourcing points

  • Upskilling of staff by incorporating:

    • Technology knowledge

    • People skills

    • Advanced problem and challenge forecasting

    • Competitor and market knowledge

  • Incorporating robotic solutions and global best practice innovations in 2 key areas of the business:

    • Operational divisions

    • Back office/finance divisions

XL Nexus Travel – combining the best of both worlds! How often and where can you get that!?

XL Nexus Travel is in no way shape or form associated with or affiliated to Nexus Business Club. Nexus Business Club are not members of ASATA.
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